Hello!  Welcome to ManabaseCrafter.  I'm Joshua McGee. You can say "Hi" to me on Twitter.

I am a software engineer in Los Angeles, California, USA.  I have been playing Magic: The Gathering since Halloween Night of 1993.  On the 20th anniversary of my playing the game, I wrote a blog post describing what the game has meant to me.  In part, I wrote:

Magic has been hugely influential in my education.  The game's mechanics taught me important concepts of computer science, early and well.  Learning to trade was a better immersion in economic theory than any Intro to Econ class ever created.  Group play taught me lessons in game theory that I still mentally refer to.  Selling a binder of cards bought me the computer on which I taught myself to program, and that led to a successful career as a software engineer.

And, of course, influential in my life in general: the draw to play the game got me out of my bedroom and forced a socially-awkward and introverted young man out into the world.

Always on the lookout for new formats, I designed the Shadow Magic variant on AOL in the mid-1990s.  I started playing Elder Dragon Highlander (the precursor to Commander) in 2008, after the 5-Color format that I loved began to disappear.

ManabaseCrafter grew out of a set of tools I wrote to help me build my own Commander decks.  When I made it public, it began drawing interest and feedback, and I kept improving it until it warranted its own site.


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